Le Pont Supérieur accepts exchange student applications from all Erasmus+ programme eligible institutions.

If you are planning to apply for an exchange period either as a student, a teacher or a member of staff, please contact your home institution’s international relations staff first. Your application is handled entirely by your home institution.

To discuss collaboration possibilities with us, please contact Caroline Stupienko, ERASMUS+ coordinator.



Le Pont Superieur is a French higher education institution specialising in performing arts, dance and music. The institution offers undergraduate and postgraduate initial or continuing training courses, under the tutelage of the Ministry of Culture. As an inter-regional school, associated with the universities of Nantes, Rennes 2 and Angers, the courses are offered in close coordination with the partners of the performing arts at inter-regional and national levels, so that the students benefit from strong artistic and professional roots.

The music department welcome incoming exchange students from our partner institutions under the Erasmus+ programme.

Organisation of studies

The course includes 1350 hours of training spread over 3 or 4 years.

and organised in 4 teaching departments :

UE1 : practice his art as a performing musician / Compose, write, rewrite;
UE2 : educate, analyze, research;
UE3 : take awareness of;
UE4 : participate in promoting his art.


Obtaining a diploma is subject to the acquisition of 180 credits (ECTS), which can be acknowledged and transferred anywhere in Europe.

According to the French higher education system, the music department offers three programmes:

The DNSPM, Diplôme National Supérieur Professionnel de Musicien

The DNSPM is an undergraduate degree (equivalent to Bachelor) open in the following study fields:

  • Vocal and instrumental music (musiques des répertoires classique à contemporain)
  • Amplified contemporary music (musiques actuelles amplifiées)
  • Traditional music (musiques traditionnelles)

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The DE, Diplôme d’État de professeur de musique

The DE is a professional diploma required for teaching in most public and private schools in France, open in the following study fields:

  • Vocal and instrumental music (musiques des répertoires classique à contemporain)
  • Amplified contemporary music (musiques actuelles amplifiées)
  • Traditional music (musiques traditionnelles)

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The master’s degree in performing arts traditional music artist

This Master’s degree is unique in France and is the every first Master’s degree in traditional music that is common to Le Pont Superieur and UBO, University of Brest.

Scenic representation of a personal artistic project as well as the submission of a research thesis are prerequisites in the awarding of this diploma.

The master’s degree aims at developing, enhancing and renewing the cultural and artistic activities of the enrolled students. This diploma will certify their professional skills, equip them with new epistemological and methodological elements and will help them to develop research methods, through the production of a thesis.

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General conditions

The applicant has to be a higher education student of an Erasmus+ programme eligible institution.

All applications have to be submitted through the EASY online application system by the following deadlines:

  • 30th April 2023 for fall semester and academic year 2023/24;
  • 31th October 2023 for spring semester 2024.


Music department accepts exchange students for a semester or for the full academic year, within one study cycle (Bachelor or Master). Please note that students must be first nominated by their local exchange coordinator.

If you have problems finding Le Pont Superieur listed in the EASY application system after choosing your home institution, please send a message to Caroline Stupienko mobilite_etudiante@lepontsuperieur.eu and ask about the possibility to apply.

Required documents and videos

The following documents needs to be uploaded in the application system

Before starting your online application, please prepare the following documents you need to add into your application :

  1. Curriculum Vitae
  2. Letter of motivation
  3. Transcript of records and/or a certificate of previous studies
  4. Video recording demo material (media files of your portfolio)




All courses at Le Pont Superieur are in French. However, in individual lessons and small groups, English could be used. A specific result from any language test, such as TOEFL or IELTS is not requested, but you are expected to have a minimum level of proficiency in French.

Recommended level according to the European language scale is B1, in order to follow courses and perform well on examinations.

To evaluate level of proficiency in French you can check the CEFR self-assesment grid

Credits and grading system

One semester of full-time studies consists of 30 ECTS credits.

ECTS grade Le Pont Supérieur grade Definition
A+ 18,5 – 20 OUTSTANDING
Exceeds all criteria
outstanding performance
A 16,5 – 18 EXCELLENT
Brilliantly meets all objectives
Excellent in most of the criteria
B 14,5 – 16 VERY GOOD
Very good in most criteria.
Meets all objectives
C 12,5 – 14 GOOD
Fully meets most of the criteria
Minimum compliance with objectives and requirements.
Meets objectives acceptably
Many shortcomings observed. Alert prognosis regarding the prospects for validation of the criteria.
Some achievements identified but level below objectives
Does not meet objectives.
Insufficient work, some more work required before the credit can be awarded. Test to be retaken
G <= 5 FAIL


Your mobility at Le Pont Superieur will be taken into account for the validation of your diploma.
The validation of your results is the responsibility of your home institution.

Evaluation and final decisions

Complete applications submitted through the online application system by the deadline will be sent for evaluation to the music department.

The applications will be evaluated in May. The final decision is made by the head of the department and coordinators, based on the quality of the application and the availability of study places and suitable teachers.

The local exchange coordinator will notify both the applicant and the coordinator of the sending institution about the result of the selection procedure. Accepted students will receive the decision through the EASY online system. The students who are not selected will be notified through the online system.


As an exchange student at Le Pont Superieur, you must be registered in your home institution and pay the tuition fees at your home institution.



Caroline Stupienko
ERASMUS+ coordinator
+ 33 6 74 54 52 33